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About JAB Sports Medicine & Direct Primary Care

JAB Sports Medicine & Direct Primary Care, PC was created to meet the community's need for personalized, comprehensive, quality Sports Medicine and Family Medicine Care that is accessible and affordable.


Dr. Joseen A. Bryant is Board-Certified in Family Medicine and has completed a Fellowship and Board-exam requiring Certificate of Added Qualification in Primary Care Sports Medicine. She has been providing Primary Care Sports Medicine (sometimes called Non-surgical Orthopedic care) and/or Primary Care in various clinical settings for all ages.


Now under the model of Direct Primary Care, Dr. Bryant can provide these services at an affordable cost and spend more time with each patient to assure YOUR healthcare needs are met.



As a Family Medicine and Non-surgical Sports Medicine doctor, Dr. Joseen A. Bryant believes in providing people with quality, accessible and affordable medical care.


She has worked in several clinic settings (traditional general medicine, urgent care and on sporting event sidelines) with people of ALL AGES and these experiences have crafted Dr. Bryant's skill of prompt diagnosis recognition to allow patients to start the road to better health and/or recovery as soon as possible.

Joseen A. Bryant Profile

Your Physician, Dr. Joseen A. Bryant

Clinic Owner/President

Dr. Bryant graduated from University of Tennessee Health Sciences Center-College of Medicine in Memphis, TN and then completed residency training at Northwestern University for Family & Community Medicine in Chicago, IL.


She decided to additionally pursue a fellowship in Primary Care Sports Medicine which was completed at MacNeal Hospital in Berwyn, IL with several educational opportunities with all the elite Sports Medicine providers in the Chicago area.


Through Dr. Bryant's training experiences, she's developed a very personable practice style that patients over the years have loved and appreciated. Taking the time to explain medical conditions is a center of focus for Dr. Bryant as she is a believer of a team effort in one's healthcare and that the well-informed patient is the true captain in all medical decisions.


Dr. Joseen Bryant received her Masters of Business Administration from the University of Kansas in recent years to help insure the ability to best operate a private clinic and effectively bring cost-savings to each member at JAB Sports Medicine & Direct Primary Care.

Outside of medicine, Dr. Bryant very much enjoys being outdoors, watching and participating in various athletic activities and meeting new people. She enjoys listening to a variety of music (but mostly Country music) and is not afraid to dance by herself whenever possible. Dr. Bryant enjoys the challenge of learning new things whether it be within the medical field or related to miscellaneous areas such as auto or home repairs and/or improvements.

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