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frequently asked questions

What is JAB Sports Medicine & Direct Primary Care?


JAB Sports Medicine & Direct Primary Care is a single-physician Direct Primary Care clinic of Dr. Joseen A. Bryant. Dr. Bryant is Board Certified in Family Medicine and Primary Care Sports Medicine (also known as Non-surgical Orthopedics). Click here for more information about Dr. Joseen A. Bryant and JAB Sports Medicine & Direct Primary Care.


What is Direct Primary Care or "DPC?"


Direct Primary Care (or DPC for short) is a medical clinic/practice model that simplifies the currently complex healthcare system. For a practice to qualify as a DPC, the practice must charge a periodic fee and not bill any third parties (such as insurance) on a fee for service basis. By cutting out these middlemen, Dr. Joseen A. Bryant is no longer influenced by insurance or hospital/medical group administrators to nickel-and-dime each office visit to pay into a large healthcare system. Instead, the monthly membership fee allows Dr. Bryant to spend more time with each patient to get to the heart of what is medically necessary for each person without any surprise large bills being sent to you. Also, care is more personalized in a DPC due to the reduced number of patients/members in a clinic. Click here to read more information about DPC. Or feel free to click here to watch a brief video about DPC and our other services.


Do you accept health insurance?


No. The clinic does not accept health insurance nor submit documentation to insurance companies for reimbursement to the clinic. It is still recommended to have insurance or alternate medical expense coverage for larger (aka - "catastrophic") events such as conditions requiring one to go to the Emergency Department or have surgery.


In addition to traditional "catastrophic" insurance, there are faith based and non-faith based, voluntary, healthcare cost-sharing ministries and communities that are acceptable options to meet the individual mandate for health cost coverage in the Affordable Care Act. They include:


Sedera Medical Cost Sharing Community,  (855) 338-2831,

Liberty HealthShare, (855) 585-4237,

Samaritan Ministries, (888) 268-4377,

Christian Care Ministry (800) 772-5623, and

Christian Healthcare Ministries, (800) 791-6225.


Please research all your options for additional management of large healthcare costs.


Is my membership with JAB Sports Medicine & Direct Primary Care considered insurance?


NO. Direct Primary Care is not insurance. For this reason, it is recommended to continue carrying at least a lower-premium, higher-deductible insurance plan, a "catastrophic" insurance plan or alternate medical coverage for larger medical expenses that are outside of the scope of our clinic.


What are your monthly fees for membership?


Click here for our monthly fee information. Please consider contacting our office to see if you may qualify for a discounted rate and to review associated enrollment fees. With this monthly fee, you will obtain non-rushed, comprehensive, quality Primary Care and Sports Medicine care and access to affordable tests and medications negotiated on your behalf.


Why should I pay a fee in addition to my insurance for medical care?


Unfortunately, you already pay more through most insurance plan compared to what you would with a Direct Primary Care clinic and any form of coverage for larger medical expenses. As insurance premiums continue to increase, more individuals, families and employers seek low-premium, high deductible insurance plans. This equates to paying an insurance premium, a co-pay for each office visit, expensive lab/procedure bills and expensive medication co-pays. And that's just for your Primary Care coverage! With JAB Sports Medicine & Direct Primary Care, you can get more for your healthcare dollar through one monthly fee that is less than most cell phone bills. Also, the bonus for our clinic is the inclusion of Non-surgical Orthopedic care which accounts for up to 90% or Orthopedic management. This is truly having your cake and eating it too!


Do I have to become a member to use your services?


Although it is more cost-efficient for you to become a member, non-members are able to use our services. Feel free to contact our office to learn more and make an appointment. All office visits are by appointment only.


What services are included in my membership?


There is a wide scope of services available! From Pediatric care, Women's Health, Men's Health, Sports Medicine and more, many of the services through our clinic covers most of one's regular and urgent health care needs.

Click here to see our services page or contact our office to see if JAB Sports Medicine & Direct Primary Care is right for you.


Can I use my HSA/HRA/FSA to pay for your monthly fees? Are monthly fees tax deductible?


Currently, it is recommended that you check with your CPA or financial/tax advisor regarding use of your HSA/FSA funds for your monthly membership fee or attempting to claim a deduction for these fees.


What if I need to see a specialist?


Dr. Bryant can make referrals to specialists just like any other primary care doctor and our office will have more time to follow-up on your visits with specialists to ensure your needs are met in the most efficient and expedient way possible.


What if I'm hospitalized?


Dr. Bryant does not have any affiliation/privileges with any area hospitals but will be in contact with you, your family and your hospitalist to remain aware of your situation while you are in the hospital. Upon your leaving/discharge from the hospital, arrangements will be made for a prompt in-office or in-home visit to appropriately follow-up with your medical care.


Do you provide "controlled" pain medications?


Controlled pain medication is not stored or provided in the clinic. These medications are prescribed at the sole discretion of the physician on a case-by-case basis. Our office does not guarantee any prescription but will prescribed medically indicated medications after a comprehensive evaluation for every member in need.


Will my health information be shared with insurance or anyone else?


Under applicable HIPAA regulations, patients have the right to restrict any personal health information shared with third-party insurers and health plans, IF they pay for the services themselves. Further, with the unique Electronic Health Record (EHR) system used by JAB Sports Medicine & Direct Primary Care, the chances of any wondering eyes prying into your personal health record is drastically reduced compared to other nationwide EHR systems used by larger hospitals and offices. If you value your privacy and don't want your health information shared without your permission, JAB Sports Medicine & Direct Primary Care is a great option for you!

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